Animal nutrition

REALDYME® brings gut health and improves livestock growth efficiency increasing Average Daily Growh (ADG).
It’s impact is most important in young animals at weaning, during gestation period or in specific condition of digestive stress.

Why is REALDYME able to increase ADG ?

Dietary fiber are recognized for their impact on gut health and livestock welfare but have not been widely used in non-ruminant because of their negative impact on energy feed concentration and on gut irritation. Inclusion of raw fibre, generally recognized for diarrhoea control, lead to normally to a reduction of ADG.

The REALDYME process will increase fiber natural functions creating a super-active fiber. The process liberates cell content and increase substantially product surface. This will lead to a higher fermentation activity (prebiotic) and a higher adsorption capacity (protection from toxins).

It’s impact is most important when there is digestive stress such as :

  • Post-weaning (piglet, calves,..)
  • Diarrhea problem and antibiotic treatment
  • Gestation period

The recommended inclusion of 1% does not decrease the energy concentration of the feed.