Funded by the famous baker Poïlane in 1978, REALDYME SA is located South-West of Paris in Beauce, at the center of the wheat belt of Europe.

The company exploited an enzyme extraction patent and did numerous feed and clinical trials. In Hospital the product “DOSES O SON” reduced the Glycemic index and improved digestibility of bread. Doctor Jean Valnet wrote on REALDYME as wheat bran extract in his book “Heal Yourself With Vegetables, Fruits and Grains”.

In Animal nutrition the product “REALDYME®” started as one of the very first enzyme on the market in 1980. Numerous feeding trials in piglet and veal showed increasing Average Daily Growth (ADG) at the inclusion rate of 1%. Later the company discovered and patented the ability of the product to protect animals from mycotoxin feed contamination.

In baking the product “IBM” is recommended for improving nutritional and technological properties of bread. Inclusion of IBM in the dough will increase the shelf life, the “moelleux” of the bread while improving yield of the dough.

The company also has a toll manufacturing service and can customize special micronization processes or powder heat treatments for customer.